The purpose of this policy is to define the basic principles for marketing
communications throughout LahoreBasket
This policy applies to all marketing activities and communications including e.g. the
following forms of advertising and marketing: television, radio, online and direct
marketing, shopper marketing, packaging, events, trade/sales and other professional
promotions and communications.
This policy follows the framework guidelines set by the International Chamber of
Commerce (ICC) for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing communication, as
well as marketing communications principles issued by local self-regulatory
organizations (such as ETL and national advertisers association).
All marketing and communications must in addition to this Policy at all times comply
with the relevant local laws and regulations.
LahoreBasket commits to comply with the following principles in all marketing

  1. All advertising and communications must be truthful and shall not include
    misleading facts or statements.
  2. Copy, sound, and visual presentations of food products represent accurately
    the material characteristics advertised.
  3. Nutrition and health benefit claims must have a sound scientific basis.
  4. Marketing communications and promotions will not encourage to excess
    consumption and portion sizes are appropriate to the setting portrayed. In
    addition, we strive to inform consumers, in the way of presented context or
    otherwise, about the purposes of different package sizes.
  5. Marketing communications will not undermine the promotion of healthy,
    balanced diet or the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.
  6. We demonstrate a reasonable variety of foods reflecting a balanced diet when
    products are presented in the context of a meal.
  7. Food products not intended to be substituted for meals must not be
    represented as such.

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